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Meet Francesca Kelsey, the woman behind Edinburgh based brand THRIFTY LITTLE.

Kelsey, a fashion graduate and upcycling fan girl, started THRIFTY LITTLE May 2013. She put her passions to good use by filling the gap for high quality and versatile, upcycled clothing.

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THRIFTY LITTLE takes second hand materials and turns them into unique clothing. They scour the UK looking for high quality, preloved materials with great colours, prints and patterns and then hand alter each piece at the THRIFTY LITTLE studio in Edinburgh.

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2014 image 3Their practiced dressmakers sew each garment to a high quality finish. THRIFTY LITTLE strive to be a quality sustainable brand and your first stop for the unique and eco-chic fashion. THRIFTY LITTLE are passionate about benefits of upcycling.

Kelsey stated that “I believe that vintage and upcycled clothing is about much more than living ethically and sustainably. With chain stores purging out thousands of the same item of clothing every season we are starting to see a world of copycat clones and trend buyers. Fashion is the most widely used art form in the world and we seem to be going for the Ikea prints instead of the true masterpieces. Be different, be unique and get to be ethical while you do it. Shop upcycled and vintage clothing and stand out from the crowd forever.”


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THRIFTY LITTLE are now stocking a range of upcycled swing skirts, crop shirts and t-shirts at Factory 45 Glasgow.

Factory 45, 45 High Street, Glasgow, G1 1LX

Join us for our Launch Night on Thursday 4th December, 6-9pm

For more information on THRIFTY LITTLE, visit;

Facebook – /ThriftyLittle

Pinterest – Thrifty Little

Instagram – @thriftylittle

Twitter – @thriftylittle


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